We found the solution to a natural hair problem you didn’t know you had

For anyone with type 4c natural hair, taking proper care of your hair is quite a chore. Every step of your hair care routine is arguably more difficult for you than those with looser curl patterns. From detangling, to shampooing to conditioning and braiding it just never gets easier. Unfortunately we have some (more) bad news. People with 4c hair are most likely to have the single strand knot problem which is usually not noticeable, to even you, but very damaging to your hair.

Single strand knots are exactly what they sound like, knots forming in single strands of your hair, sometimes several knots can even form on one strand.  As the knots are formed on single strands, detangling can’t get rid of them, you also can’t ignore them as your hair can start to break off at the point of the knots.

We do have some good news. Even though you cannot get rid of them except by cutting them, you can prevent them by firstly detangling your hair before shampooing. When you don’t do this, the shampooing will cause more knots to form around the knots already in your hair.

You could also switch your cotton pillowcases for silk or satin ones, or get a satin bonnet to reduce the friction (which of course causes knots) between your hair and pillow at night.

Of course, conditioning your hair is probably the solution to any natural hair problem you can think of.

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