”Don’t wear white to weddings!” and 4 other fashion taboos that are really okay

There are so many fashion and beauty taboos these days, it’s kind of hard to keep up. We are not sure who makes these rules but we abide anyways. There are some rules you just have to follow, like never wearing crocs to a formal event (why would you even want to do this?) but there are some we’ve thought twice about and decided that we can live with the consequences.

You might not agree, but we think these fashion taboos are really okay.

  1. Wearing white to a wedding (except it has a train, in which case you are probably mad). A white short dress is actually a perfect wedding outfit, except you are only there for the food.
  2. Visible bra straps. Sometimes- and just sometimes,- it is really okay for your bra straps to show in some outfits. But not when you are an A cup (they only make strapless bras in your size anyway), then you have no excuse. If you are going for a formal event though, this is never ever allowed. Next time someone taps you in public about your bra straps, just tell them…
  3. ”Showing both cleavage and legs is trashy but showing just one at a time is apparently not.” Admittedly showing both can be risky, but take your time to find the right cuts and silhouettes if that is what you are into.
  4. ”You shouldn’t wear minis after a certain age.” When you turn 80 and minis still make you feel good about yourself, nothing should stop you from wearing them.
    Take a cue from Carmen
    Take a cue from Carmen
  5. Tall women shouldn’t wear 6 inch heels. It’s really not your fault that the rest of the world is vertically challenged. The fact that you are above feet shouldn’t stop you from wearing 6 inch heels, the better to tower over those lesser humans.
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