We’ve found another Nigerian lingerie line… but it’s not so sexy

We love love lingerie, it’s honestly almost a mild obsession we’ve been trying to pass on to you guys. But since the dollar rate is getting higher than Burna Boy with each passing day and also in support of #BuyNigeriaToGrowTheNaira, we’ve found another made (well mostly anyway) in Nigeria lingerie line called “Lulu Nigeria Lingerie.”

A while back, we discovered Aimanosi another made in Nigeria lingerie line, which fast became a favourite of ours. While we continued to drool over the line’s pieces, we had been on the search for other locally made lingerie lines and so we were pretty excited to discover Lulu Lingerie. Nigerian Supermodel Oluchi Orlandi teamed up with manufacturers to launch the lingerie line earlier in the year.

The line caters to both men and women, including kids and promises to deliver high quality and well fitting inner wear, under wear and active wear.

Now our problem with the line is that lingerie is supposed to be underwear and sleepwear designed to be both visually and sexually alluring, and it seems the only part they got right is that it’s underwear. But that’s all it is.

Can't do a strip tease in this.
Can’t do a strip tease in this.


When we heard Orlandi was collaborating with a company to launch a lingerie line, we got pretty excited. We expected lots of silk and lace, flattering cuts and frills and just all round sexiness in the pieces. For us the line is a bit of a let down, considering the fact that it has lingerie in it’s name. But seeing as they just got started, (and Oluchi’s involved) we decided to cut them some slack and wait patiently for them to fix up. Till then we really don’t recommend “Lulu Lingerie” for date nights.

You can view the whole line and make purchases if you are into this kind of underwear on the Lulu Nigeria site here. The prices fall roughly into a range of about 4 thousand naira to 15 thousand and have hilarious names like “Sparklicious Woman Bra”. We can’t make comments on their promise to deliver high quality and fitting underwear, since we haven’t actually tried any of it. And from the look of the whole collection that isn’t going to change any time soon. On the plus side, Oluchi still manages to somehow still look as stunning as usual in some of the line’s pieces.



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