What beauty thing do you absolutely suck at? 5 women answer

Not all of us are YouTube beauty vlogger level good with our makeup and no matter how long we’ve been on this beauty journey, we just continue to suck at some things. We talked to five women about what beauty thing, they completely suck at.


Oh my God, I can never ever get the wings of my eye liner to be even. On some good days, it might even look like it is, but I know deep down it’s not.


I suck at contouring. I’ve watched all the YouTube videos, I have had all my self acclaimed MUA friends put me through the process a million and one times, still nothing. I’ve pretty much given up on it.


My brows are always off, although I can attribute it to the fact that I don’t let anyone groom them for me, and I insist on doing them myself. I’m just terrified I’m going to regret it forever the day I decide to get them done by a professional.


Painting my own nails. You know how most people only have a problem with their right hand, and always get their left hand done perfectly, well that’s not me and I’m not left handed. No matter how careful I am painting my nails, always ends up looking like I asked an 8 year old to do it for me.


Lol, I suck at absolutely everything except putting on lipstick. In fact the only thing in my makeup purse, if I can call it that are about half a dozen tubes of lipstick in almost the same shade sef. Anytime I have a special occasion, I try to make an effort with my sister’s makeup but I always always end up wiping it all off, yes I’m that bad.

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