What has been your most traumatic beauty moment?- 6 ladies share

Beauty is pain, are not just three words women like to say whenever we are asked any question about stressful beauty routines. Beauty can literally be painful, and no one knows this better than these 6 women.


My most traumatic moment has to be when I got completely doused in a bucketful of boiling water by my hairdresser after getting braids done. The water peeled some skin of my back, and I still have the scars till today.


I got my braids done at a dodgy place and when I took it out, half of my edges came out with it. Forget that whole hair grows for life nonsense, it’s been three years and I still haven’t gotten them back.


I went with a friend to Eko, and she somehow convinced me to get my eyelashes done. I have no idea what they used to put it in, but it literally felt like someone poured ata rodo in my eyes. I had some kind of allergic reaction to whatever they used and my eyes were actually swollen shut. Never! Again!


I didn’t have a straightener so I used my regular iron to try and straighten my natural hair on top of my leave out. I ended up burning my forehead pretty badly, thankfully it didn’t leave a permanent scar.


For some reason I tried to give myself a bikini wax. I ended up not being able to get most of the wax off and having to go to the hospital. The doctor looked at me like I was crazy when I explained what  happened.


I have a bit of hair on my upper lip and I tried to remove it with Veet which I had never used before by the way. I ended up getting a red burning rash which left a mustache shaped scar above my lip for weeks.

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