5 mistakes you make with your foundation

The most important step in your makeup process is making sure your face looks even and flawless when you are all done. Botching up your foundation means that no matter what else you get right, you won’t get that flawless look.

Putting on your foundation seems easy enough, but can be tricky. If you’ve been having problems with it, then you are probably making one or more of these 5 mistakes.

  1. Testing it on your arm or jaw.
    When you test your foundation on either of these places, the odds are that you are going to end up buying a shade that’s lighter than the complexion of your face. Test foundation under your eyes, or on/around your nose. Buying a slightly darker shade is always better than buying a lighter shade if you are worried about that.
  2. Skipping primer.
    If you are putting on foundation, never skip your primer. Using a primer helps your foundation go on smoothly and sets it in place for the whole day. By the way no matter what some beauty bloggers say, Milk of Magnesia is not a primer.
  3. Skipping moisturiser.
    I can never get tired of talking about how important moisturising is -major key alert-. Putting foundation on dry skin, makes it look dry and flaky.
  4. Putting too much.
    Adding more and more foundation, when you don’t feel like it’s enough ends up giving your face a cakey look. You don’t have to put foundation all over your face, put it on the parts of your face, you feel need it the most and blend away.
  5. Using your concealer first.
    Using your concealer first, lets you use way more foundation than you use. Do any concealing you need to do after putting on your foundation and then blend.
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