Why we love: The choppy bob trend

We all love bobs, because of how flattering and feminine they are. Essentially timeless- from Elizabeth Taylor to Beyonce,- they sometimes come off a little matronly and so we tend to avoid them. The choppy bob trend that was a big hit last year, is still gaining major headway this year and there is no reason it shouldn’t.

If you are into long weaves, it may be time to switch up your look with a more fun and flirty look. The best part about the trend is how low maintenance it is. Any hairstyle trend that still looks good when you just wake up definitely has our hearts. The cut doesn’t have to be super short if you are just not into that look, you can go a little longer with a lob, where the tips of your hair are just grazing your shoulders.

If you have relaxed hair that is full and long, live a little and cut it into a bob for a change (hair grows for life, it’ll grow back). And if you don’t, you can chop a couple of inches off a wig or weave you’ve grown tired of. Better still if you just buy some new bundles ranging from 8 to about 14 inches (you spent too much on that 20 inch Peruvian to cut it). Anything in excess of 14 inches is not a bob (or even lob).

Play around with the look and add side bangs or full bangs to it. If you are using a weave for the look, that gives you the perfect protective hairstyle for your natural hair. You could also put in highlights or change the colour completely. However you like it you can (almost) never go wrong with a bob.

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