Why you can’t do without gaffer tape (It involves boobs)

We all love the plunging neckline and sheer back/backless trend. Whether it’s a two piece or a jumpsuit or dress, putting on anything that has a plunging neck line, a sheer back or no back at all makes you feel incredibly sexy. When you step out in them, you are Beyonce and nothing else matters.

But except you have perfectly rounded, no sag boobs, you tend to avoid anything that requires you to go without a bra. There are a couple of imperfect solutions to this problem, like pasties that don’t work when your boobs are anything above a C cup, or backless bras that don’t give nearly enough support and transparent back bras that are usually rather short of being transparent.


Well if you have a ton of clothes just sitting in your closet that you cannot wear because of boobs wahala, we have the perfect solution for you – gaffer tape. Gaffer tape is a strong adhesive tape, kind of like duct tape or electrical tape but cloth backed. So you simply use the gaffer tape to lift up your boobs and hold them in place, creating the perfect cleavage for plunging necklines, and make your boobs look great in backless dresses.

You can stop being jealous about Kim’s cleavage now.

The reason we prefer gaffer tape to duct tape is because we don’t have to put ourselves through the excruciating pain that comes with taking off duct tape. Using cello tape won’t be as effective either, because cello tape doesn’t have the adhesive power of the Gaffer tape, and will also be hell to remove. You can get the tape at any store which sells hardware or electrical stuff (ask your dad/brother).

Now you have absolutely nothing to stop you from hopping on the plunging neckline and backless trend.


  1. Thanks for this tip…never tot about using it this way…always covered only the giant nipples…lol..bless u jare…

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