The silver beard trend needs to go away

For the last half decade, men’s beauty trends have become huge; from the now seriously cloying undercut, to the man bun that had celebrities like Chris Brown and Omarion putting their hair in plaits and extensions to gain that elusive length. There have been all sorts of beard and face trends and routines and we’ve largely embraced all of them, because what’s the world without a little trial and error? But y’all have tried it this time, y’all have really tried it.

A trend that only used to exist among African footballers of colour (think Djibril Cisse, Abel Xavier,) the upper echelon of bad fashion ideas has somehow trickled down into Nigerian mens’ beauty trend and has become a thing among the middle aged and upwardly mobile. Wondering what we’re talking about?

Bleached beards.

 Photo by Nicolas Gouhier/Cameleon/ABACAPRESS.COM
Photo by Nicolas Gouhier/Cameleon/ABACAPRESS.COM

Abel Xavier

See how ridiculous they look?

This bleached beard trend has become all the rage in Lagos and we don’t know why, considering how much it ages the wearer and how badly this could go if done wrong. We have no idea why more and more men are embracing this trend. Bad bleach jobs are not cute, however you swing it. They simply aren’t.

This is not even considering how badly bleach jobs damage hair when they are done incorrectly, it is almost mindboggling how quickly this trend has grown.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMPLE, HappyBirthday Mummy, love you always for as long as I live. 🎂😇❤️

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Any beauty trend that makes you look older than your mother needs to go, like pronto.

We could go on but what’s the point, you get the idea.

Please y’all, ditch the silver beard and buy a new car.

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