MXDN ‘s ‘Nechendo’ collection shows promise

Néchendo collection is vintage inspired with a modern-urban twist and silhouette, including dynamic and effortlessly chic pieces.

Officially launched in April 2015 by Cynthia Madonna Orji, Nigerian design label, MXDN joins the ranks of accessible brands seeking to marry the quality and dexterity of luxury brands with the price points of fast fashion brands, providing a mid point for conscious buyers.

The debut collection, Nechéndo is named for and inspired by Orji’s late dad and tries to capture the essence of his generation through vintage style clothing reworked for a modern generation. Orji gets many things right, she has a decent grasp of what the era she seeks to represent looks like, the plunging necklines of the disco era of the early 80’s and the asymmetry that comes with drawing dress styles from the far more flamboyant ballroom cultures and transposing them into brightly lit dance floors across Lagos.

Where Orji struggles is in her execution. When she attempts to make a pinafore crop blouse, the straps sit awkwardly on the model and the hems are crooked. These crooked hems, and wonky tailoring are a recurring theme that weaves through the entire collection, and peaks with a lace and organza layered blouse that ends up a jumble of awkward lines.

MXDN shows promise, they understand eras and have an ear for updating classic silhouettes, but the tailoring must get a lot better before they can truly be taken seriously.

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