4 ways to work out without working out

Working out and keeping fit doesn’t have to be centered around gym hours and healthy eating, there are several ways to work out without “working out”in the sense most people understand it.

  1. Go dancing. Obviously you can’t do this three times a week like with gyming, but going dancing at a party or a club once a week, or bi weekly will help you burn a ton of calories. You can even dance along to your favourite songs in your room, you already sing to yourself in the shower so it’s not so crazy.
  2. Walk to places you don’t need to drive to. It’s amazing how much having a car spoils us, we hop into our cars once we have to move from point A to B, even if it’s the shortest of distances. Places you can get to in a ten to twenty minute walk in the mornings and evenings shouldn’t be driven to.
  3. Clean. Just think of how much sweat you work up, when you are scrubbing your bathroom or sweeping and mopping. Cleaning helps you kill two birds with one stone.
  4. Getting busy with your partner, safely of course has been proven to burn three times more calories than some work outs.


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