6 ways to actually enjoy your daily run

Very few people actually enjoy going for a run, for most it’s a chore, something to do at 5 in the morning, or 7 in the evening, or just one more habit to take on towards achieving their summer body goals. But if you do it right, running should stop feeling like a chore and might even become enjoyable. Here are 5 ways to make your run easier.

  1. Pace yourself. There is no need to attempt ten miles at a go when you are just starting off. It’s tempting to try just so your Nike running app can post how many miles you ran on Twitter.
  2. Find a partner or two. Running with people is so much more fun than doing it alone. You get to goof around with them and make fun of each others’ bodies and running styles. That way you actually get to look forward to doing it.
  3. You don’t have to go too fast. You are not trying out for the Olympics or Usain Bolt, you can jog or even do a brisk walk and take as many breaks in between as you want, nobody’s judging.
  4. Run in clothes you are most comfortable with; if you have a great body, it is tempting to run in tight spandex clothes to show off your great bod, but you shouldn’t run in them if you aren’t comfortable.
  5. If you are running alone, entertain yourself with some music. Put together, a great playlist that gets you very pumped.
  6. Keep hydrated, run with a bottle of water and try not to drink it all up at the beginning of the run.
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