Silk scarves, ankle chains…6 accessories you must add to your closet

Sometimes after throwing on an outfit you pictured looking banging in your head, the final look turns out to be pretty mehh. Instead of emptying your closet and trying on a dozen other combinations, sometimes all your outfit needs to come to life are the perfect accessories to go with it. These 5 accessories are the ones you definitely can’t do without.

  1. A flower crown
    Just because according to a friend of mine, everyday should feel like a festival, what better accessory to help you out with this, than the flower crown?
  2. Rings 
    For when you are single, so people you barely know -or like-, stop asking you when you are going to bring aso-ebi for them, also because they look pretty school. However it would be advisable to pull the ones of your ring finger when you find yourself amongst a group of eligible bachelors.
  3. Chokers
    Yes, these are still everywhere and no we are still not tired of them. It’s not our fault, they just keep getting cooler and cooler, and throwing one on makes any outfit look part ready.
  4. Body jewelry 
    These are fun to play around with, whether it’s on top of your outfit for a party, or on your bikini for the beach, or under a backless dress for a dinner, this accessory can never be boring.
  5. Ankle chains
    Even though your mother hates them, and will still tell you to take it of when you are 40, these are pretty cool.
  6. Silk Scarves
    There is almost no other type of accessory, more versatile than a scarf. They can be worn on almost anything, and hung casually of your neck or bag. I emphasized on silk scarves because those make you look rich.
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