5 beauty tips that will help with your ‘resting bitch face’

Resting bitch face, is both a gift and a curse for the few of us bestowed with it. We have come up with a couple of beauty tips to help you get through the days when it feels more like a curse than a gift.

  1. Paint a smile on your face, joker style. If you are just plain tired of people asking you why you don’t smile more, or why you always look angry, you should try this out.
  2. Buy a burka for the days you just can’t deal with people asking if you are having a bad day or whether you hate the world.
  3. Paint a notice over your forehead that reads, I’m actually nice. Do it in glitter, so that it looks more believable.
  4. Skip the cat eye-liner. Resting bitch face and dramatic eye makeup is usually equal to resting “bitchier” face.
  5. Tone your contour down a notch or two, all those sharp angles aren’t exactly helping when you are trying to look like you are really a nice person.
  6. Those perfectly arched brows aren’t helping either. Your left brow is already almost always raised in a sarcastic manner, no need to accentuate it.

If none of these workout for you, it’s fine. What the rest of the world doesn’t know, is that smiling gives you wrinkles.



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