Here’s proof you need to buy a whole bunch of turbans

Apart from being a staple item in the wardrobes of most conservative fashion lovers, turbans are also our ultimate life savers for bad hair days. Turbans come in so many styles, patterns and colours it’s impossible to find one to suit your personal style. You don’t need the excuse of a bad hair day or the fact that your personal style isn’t conservative to rock turbans, in fact they might just be what you need to make your outfit bang.

It’s also amazing how casually versatile they are, you can wear them anywhere from work to church to a party, depending on the style of the turban. If you are not sure where to start your collection from -and we assure you, you’ll definitely have a collection soon after getting your first turban-, then get a simple black one like the one below.

We’ve thrown in a couple of photos of our favourite turban looks, to show you just why you need to stock up on them.

Wrapping your scarves into a turban also works great, although just buying them saves you some time, you get to achieve more dramatic looks when using scarves.

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