6 outfits to rock when you’ve just shaved your legs

Getting your legs shaved, has to be one of the top ten greatest feelings in the world, and sticking freshly shaved legs in a pair of jeans or pants is also one of the greatest style crimes. Here are 6 outfits you should totally rock just after shaving your legs, and before the stubble hits.

  1. Shorts 
    Of course wearing shorts when you want to show of your legs, are a no-brainer. If you are going out at night, then they can go as high as you are comfortable with, for more formal/semi-casual outings you can settle for knee length cullottes or pleated shorts.
  2. Mini-skirt 
    A flirty mini skirt is perfect for showing of your freshly shaved legs, and the right thing to wear especially if you finally shaved above your knees.
  3. Dress
    A dress whose hemline just hits the knees is perfect when you didn’t have time to shave from the knee up, if you did on the hand opt for something shorter and show off how much effort you put into getting your legs silky smooth.
  4. High waist skirt 
    A knee length high waist skirt, is not only work appropriate but also gives the illusion that your legs are just a tad longer than they really are.
  5. Romper
    This is perfect for your casual weekend style, either to the beach, brunch with friends or even a casual date.
  6. High heels
    Wearing high heels adds several inches to your legs, making them look not only endless but flawless.
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