4 reasons you need to let your fro out more

Naturalistas here have it tougher than most people when it comes to hair care and styling, what with the humidity and lack of hairstylists who are well versed in what it entails to properly care for and style natural hair. As a result instead of rocking our fros as often as we would like, we are constantly searching for new forms of protective hairstyles. But on some days instead of fussing with scarves and twists, you need to damn humidity and shrinkage and all the other reasons you don’t let your hair out more often for these 6 reasons.

  1. You get to show off how far you’ve come on your natural hair journey. Whether it has been a year or three months since your big chop or since you started transitioning, all that new healthy curly growth deserves to be shown off.
  2. It’s way too beautiful for you to keep hiding it under wigs and braids all the time, then what’s the point of going natural?
  3. You might just inspire someone to take the bold step. Seriously stepping out in your fro is like preaching the gospel in a bus, you don’t know who the beauty of your gorgeous hair might inspire to rock theirs.
  4. There is no better feeling in the world, than when the wind passes through your hair, and there is nothing holding it down.
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