10 natural hairstyles from Instagram to inspire your look today

Getting your natural hair to obey can be a great deal of work and styling it for a day out can be even more daunting.

If the people around you don’t wear their hair natural, then there’s no way to get inspired to try something new. But hold on! There’s always a way out. INSTAGRAM – The go-to app for all natural hair styling inspiration you could ever need.

There are so many naturalistas out there who are more than willing to share their journey, their hair struggles or basically, just show off. Regardless their intention, we get to steal some of their styles and that’s what truly matters.

So here are 10 natural hair styling photos to help you keep your hair in place this week, all straight from Instagram:

@ronkeraji wears a bun that’s almost bigger than life and has her edges laid to perfection.
Big hair, no care! @freddieharrel tells you to throw on your fro and go. It’s that simple…
@aphrolish wears her hair in a fro-hawk
When your hair is this big, you sometimes just want to let it out, free and wild like @diamondcycy
@igbocurls lets her natural hair down but adds a fun twist to it with front wrap
You may have to visit the salon for this one but this bun-hawk is a winner for that event or dinner with bae. We have @ms_leon to thank.
Now this is a fav! @westafricanbaby makes her hair into a lovely bun and then sections the front for a curly bang. Good to go!
@afrokanomics serves another fro-hawk inspiration but this time larger and life-giving. Pay attention to how the hair arcs at the back.
What relaxed hair can do, @flamellehair’s natural hair does better. That’s the simple story this swept back style tells and look how the parting lays. No loose strands anywhere.
@ab.k gives cornrows inspiration for those who thought it was impossible. It looks perfect to us.
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