Accra Mens Fashion Week 16: Ivorien label Barros Coulibaly is the real deal

Accra Mens Fashion Week 2016 in it’s debut year still has a lot to do create a reputation for itself, a feat notorious to do for menswear specific showcases where West Africa’s stifling cultures prevent many designers from truly experimenting with trends like androgyny, tasteful nudity and other options available to women’s wear designers. One label that is making a strong statement for Accra Mens Fashion Week embracing the concept driven collection aesthetic is Ivorien designer Barros Coulibaly.

The designer presents the first truly cohesive collection at the showcase, working with linens and tweeds in chocolate and cream to craft a collection inspired by the utilitarian aesthetic.

This utilitarian aesthetic shows up in the cuts of the collection’s many jackets; stiff padded shoulders, a placket that buttons all the way down san lapels (in combat a lapel would offer an opponent something to grasp) and  long sleeves.

The cream linen is placed strategically as contrast inserts or panelling to streamline silhouettes and provide a visual counterpoint to the collection’s more casual sleeveless tunics. Even when the more casual loose shirts are given lace up plugs and a floor length trench for effect.

The colour co-ordination and the construction of the pieces help cement the idea, and sell the clothes to the most skeptical of wearers. Barros Coulibaly offers us an impressive first look at what his brand is capable of and we’d love to see what he would create with proper financial backing. Stellar work.

Photo Credit: Qwesie Asephua Photography

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