As cool as: 6 times Yagazie Emezi got it so so right

Very few people know how to pull of the laid-back yet stylish look without coming off looking homeless. They either come off looking too laid-back (think sloppy or scruffy), or too stylish to be laid-back. Anyone can just tell they put in too much effort.

One person who has mastered the art of combining these two looks is Yagazie Emezi, and here is every-time she got it right.

  1. The time she wore this sheer piece with sneakers
  2. When she wore this to last year’s LFDW
  3. …and this too
  4. There was this jumpsuit
  5. And then this. We don’t know what it is but we heart
  6. And how beautiful is her hair?
    Yagazie is an amazing Nigerian poet, artist and photographer. She has a double major in Cultural Anthropology and Africana studies and is our cool kid of the week.
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