5 stylish tips to survive the streets of Lagos


It’s a jungle out here in Lagos, and survival guides are mandatory for every aspect of an average Lagosian’s lifestyle.

During the fashion week we compiled a list of fashion must haves for the Lagosian in you.

  1. Sunglasses

There have been several arguments that suggest Lagos warms, nay boils with its own sun. It is undeniable that Lagos is sweltering eighty percent of the year. Sunglasses in Lagos have evolved from a casual fashion accessory or fashion statement to a necessity. When the sun sets however, you still need your sunglasses to remind people that you spent a lot of money on them or that you are D’banj.


  1. Shorts

Shorts have always been unisexual so no surprise that these days, both boys and girls rock the same lengths of shorts. To the everlasting chagrin of our very African parents, there is almost no limit to how high the hemlines can go  (no ass cheeks please) . However shorts are the perfect fashion items needed to survive our very humid weather.
DSC_9728 (2)_1

  1. Sundresses

Preferably in knit cotton and bright colours, sundresses are a must have for any respectable lady living in Lagos. Sundresses come in all sorts of shapes and forms, with hemlines either above or below your knees and silhouettes which hang loosely but flatteringly over your body. The best thing about sundresses? They never go out of style.

  1. Hats

These are very in right now, and they look like they are here to stay. From sunhats, to bowlers, fedoras and even visors, hats are a fun fashion item to throw on any outfit while protecting you from the brutal Lagos sun at the same time.

  1. T-shirts

Not the most glamorous of clothes, but everyone loves to have a fun, cool t-shirt you can throw on when in a fashion fix. And the fashion week showed us that t-shirts are not what they used to be any more, with the various rips and prints and cuts that were seen on the various fashion enthusiasts.

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