We asked these 5 brides-to-be what they’d do if a guest wore this to their wedding

Wearing white to a wedding that isn’t yours is supposed to be strictly taboo, because obviously the bride will be wearing white too. But how do actual brides feel about this fashion rule? We asked five women who are engaged to be married soon how they really feel about this.


Abeg, I’ve never gotten why people fuss over it. If the person likes ehn, she can wear wedding gown too. That still doesn’t make her the bride, and it doesn’t stop me from marrying the love of my life.


It depends really. I won’t mind if the outfit as a whole is understated. But if it’s something that will make people wonder who the bride is, then of course that person doesn’t mean me well and will be booted out real quick.


Because of what please? Out of all the colours in the world, and on that day of all days you want to wear white? That person can’t even be a friend because my friends will either be on my train or in my asoebi. So whoever the bad belle is will be seated right at the back of the hall, if not even asked to leave, thank you very much.


Do people still worry about that? I really don’t mind it to be honest, I doubt I’ll even be wearing white in the first place, please don’t tell my mother though.


I think it is a very somehow thing to do, I might not say anything but from date it’s side eye I’ll be using to look at the person sha.





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