Attoh Tetteh’s Tohazie collection is how you diversify menswear

There once lived a great warrior and hunter called Tohazie (The Red Hunter). While on a hunting expedition, he came across a village and was received by a frail old lady. This old lady provided Tohazie with everything he needed but water. She explained that their only source of water had been invaded by a wild bull, believed to be a spirit which killed anyone who ventured to fetch water from the watering pool. Out of pity for the village, The Red Hunter Tohazie mastered courage and set out on the hunt. He attacked the evil bull and after two days of a deathly struggle, felled it. The village rejoiced, bethrothed him to their princess and made him King. This is how the Mole Dagomba kingdom began…

Emerging Ghanaian label Attoh Tetteh’s Spring 2016 collection is quite the conversation starter. Inspired by the myth of the Red Hunter Tohazie, the label mixes elements from Ghana’s Twi and Hausa cultures and melds them with modern construction and silhouettes for a collection that is easy on the eye, versatile and wearable.

Unified by the label’s use of multi-hued stripes and flat front pants, the label offers something for every kind of man; native agbadas contrasted by modern tuxedos, Bomber jackets thrown over classic linen tunics, even the occasional anakara dress shirt thrown in for the man who likes to wear his Africa on his back.

Pinafores, cropped trench coats, striped vests and tailored sweat pants are some of the more casual options the Attoh Tetteh offers. The only possible hindrance we see to this collection becoming a critical and commercial success are possible price points. Other than that we are very impressed.

atto tetteh

Out of pity for the inhabitants, The Red Hunter mastered courage and resorting to his hunting prowess he attacked the evil bull and beheaded it.


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