Ayotunde’s campaign for their new Mommy and Me collection is gorgeous

Mommy and Me collections are all the rage nowadays, ever since Lebanese designer Elie Saab featured miniature versions of his couture clothing at this year’s couture fashion week after Dolce and Gabbana’s Mama Mia last fall. Since then labels like Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier have leapt into the fray, all creating exclusive collections and lines geared towards dressing the tots that are born to the most loyal of Fashionista. Nigerian mass market label Ayotunde has taken initiative and put one of their own.

Their new collection ‘Mummy and Me’ has paired pieces for mothers and daughters done primarily in Ankara, the styles are minimalist but interesting and their price points make us smile. We particularly recomend their fringed dresses and the romper playsuits. So gorgeous.

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