Collection Review: DNA by Iconic Invanity

Iconic Invanity’s decision to float a diffusion line is surprising and unsurprising. Iconic Invanity, one of Nigeria’s most exclusive luxury lines with a studio in Banana Island doesn’t necessarily need a diffusion line.  It is also unsurprising that Destiny Nwadire, Nancy Nwadire’s daughter would want to try her hand at design. And what better way to do that than a diffusion line.

First Face Iconic Invanity

From the very first look, a day-glo yellow bodysuit, its is clear DNA by Iconic Invanity is directed at a much younger audience. The collection is chock full of body suits, rompers, ultra-mini dresses, short shorts and the occasional sportswear inspired two piece ensemble. It is an explosion of Andy Warhol-esque pop art colours, day glo colours that gleam against dark model skin. DNA by Iconic Invanity isn’t afraid to show skin or take itself too seriously as a high concept design brand.

Myever Square Mini Iconic Invanity Flap with the signature Iconic Invanity abstract floral motifs

This doesn’t mean that Destiny Nwadire was let loose on us. You can see the parent label’s guiding hand, both in the sartorial and design choices. The oversized applique flowers that define the DNA line mirror the applique work in Iconic Invanity’s SS14 collection. There is also the tailoring of the line, which is impeccable, and evident in the cuts and silhouettes. Then there is the signature Iconic Invanity beading and embroidery, used shrewdly to line the hems of the dresses and the skirts. It’s subtle but makes a huge statement.

Uju Marshall Iconic Invanity

There are a few dresses that standout, a crop blouse and high-lo skirt that carried over from L.F.D.W 2014, given that Iconic Invanity spin. Then there is the sportswear inspired wide leg, wide band jersey pants and crop blouse combo that hearken to the best of juicy couture.

Jil Sander meets Baby Phat
Jil Sander meets Baby Phat

DNA by Iconic Invanity is aesthetic very Valley Girl, if the Valley was Banana Island and if the girl was Destiny Nwadire. Hopefully the price range will help it cross the third Mainland bridge.

DNA by IV 7 DNA by IV 6 DNA by IV 5 DNA by IV 4 DNA by IV 3 DNA by IV 2 DNA by IV 10 DNA by IV 16 DNA by IV 15 DNA by IV 14 DNA by IV 13 Dna by IV 12 DNA by IV 11 DNA by IV 9

Photo Credit: Kola Oshalusi
Photo Credit: Kola Oshalusi


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