”Me sef I want office job. I’m a graduate oh!”- Confessions of a Lagos sales girl

We are forever complaining about Lagos sales girls, and their nonchalant attitudes. But do we ever wonder what goes in their heads, behind their blank expressions?

We talked to a pretty regular Lagos sales girl of one of the popular boutiques, who begged us to keep her anonymous for well obvious reasons.

You can’t understand, customer will just enter shop and forget it’s human being they are talking to because I’m wearing sales girl uniform. I’m a graduate please, is it not because of condition I’m here. I don’t have time for nonsense o. I treat you how you treat me, except my madam is around or the customer is a big woman.

On how she knew who was a “big madam”and who was not.

Ah you will just know once they enter like this, there is no how you won’t know once you see their face. Even from the smell of their perfume sef, you will know. Then, they hardly ever come alone, they will come with like house girl, or PA, and their wahala is not even that plenty. It’s the ones that are now coming to buy only one dress that would now be making noise.

On any secrets she was keeping from her boss.

Nothing really o. But sometimes, if I have a big party to attend or maybe one ghen ghen wedding I’ll borrow something sha. But I            always return it oh! I’m not a thief please.

On whether she enjoyed her job.

Ah sister, it’s condition now, me sef I want office job. I’m a graduate oh! I read Business Administration in school, it’s just condition.

Where she saw herself in the next five years

Last last, I’ll open boutique too. If you can find customers, there is money in it oh!. I know how much my madam is buying her clothes now, all the prices here are like triple triple of the price she bought it gan gan.























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