5 Instagram accounts you should be following

If your Instagram feed is overrun with pre wedding photo shoots, baby pictures and pictures of lunch of your colleagues, then you are probably desperate to switch things up.

If you love beauty, fashion and style-duh, you are on our blog-, you should follow these five Instagram accounts.

  1. Uzoemenike
    Uzo has the most amazing NIgerian hair I have ever seen -she’s not mixed by the way-. I wish she would open a natural hair blog already, divulge all her hair secrets to us.
    Why you should follow– For those days when you are just about to give up on the natural hair struggle, to remind yourself that Naija hair can actually grow and you might just get to her level one day.

    Yes, that's really her hair
    Yes, that’s really her hair.
  2. Kiitana
    Kitana is everything goals, from hair to skin to body goals. She is also oh so very pretty.
    Why you should follow – If you are ever in need of some hair inspiration, Kitana’s got you. Check out her blog here.
  3. TheFashionEngineer
    The Fashion Engineer, is a fashion, beauty and style blogger who has one of the chicest personal styles I’ve ever seen -you guys should check out her blog here.
    Why you should follow– She actually wears clothes that you can actually wear in Lagos -well most times .
  4. Fiolakemi_
    She runs the retroreligion blog, and actually just released a collection of pretty awesome retro clothes called Nostalgia, for all the retro lovers out there. She is also, class captain of the cool kids on Instagram.
    Why you should follow– Her personal style is what we wished ours looked like, but we can’t all be cool kids right? At least we get to appreciate.
  5. TheToyin17
    Toyin is a Nigerian signed to Beth models, who’s actually a pretty big deal in the modelling world. He also looks like a living breathing black Ken doll. It’s amazing really because he looks like he was literally carved out of dark polished mahogany.
    Why you should follow – Just because you need a constant reminder that even if there’s no fuel or light, and it’s hot af, at least Nigerian models are the shit.
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