6 Nigerian modest fashion labels we are excited about

One of the biggest fashion news stories last year was the new Dolce and Gabbana collection released with the Muslim woman in mind. The collection exclusively featured hijab and abayas, prescribed religious articles of dressing updated for the 21st century. This only emphasizes the observation that with nearly 2 billion adherents, Islam and its women are a fashion force to reckon with.

Here in Nigeria there are several designers already putting their hand to the plow to create modest fashion specifically for the Nigerian woman in mind. These are a few we think you should check out.


Recently we reviewed Abaya Lagos’s latest collection and how much we loved the handmade elegance of the pieces, particularly the kimonos and the head wraps, Abaya Lagos is one of the few high profile modest fashion labels based in Lagos, with a showroom in Victoria Island and clientele that boasts many of the prominent muslim Lagos women. But the brand is unfazed by celebrity and is primarily concerned with dress all Muslimah women.


Abaya Lagos 18 Abaya Lagos 17 Abaya Lagos 13 Abaya Lagos 12


Ibrahim Aminu’s House of Kaya label has made history as the first modest fashion label to show at the Lagos Fashion and Design Awards under the umbrella of the Fashion Focus programme. Primarily a bespoke bridal label, House of Kaya used the opportunity to diversify their portfolio, officially launching their ready to wear line. With beautiful, contemporary pieces, we hope every Muslimah woman gets herself a house of Kaya piece.

IMG_0419 IMG_0350


Henna is slowly growing in popularity among Muslimah and non-muslim women. What better way to appreciate the culture surrounding Henna than going to a place where the cultural relevance of the art is respected. Based in Lagos, in Lekki Phase One, the Henna place offers Muslimah inspired beauty practices like Sugar waxing and intricate henna temporary tattooing.

The Henna 2 The henna 3 The henna


Covered and Chic is an abuja based bridal muslimah label focused on bespoke traditional and formal bridal pieces for modest brides. In 2014 the brand expanded to include ready to wear pieces including Kimonos and abayas. Sourced and made in Nigeria, covered and chic is a true Nigerian success story.

Covered and Chic 1 covered and chic


Also based in Abuja, Muslim Identity Collections (MID) is one of the first modest fashion labels to host a fashion show directed exclusively at Muslim women. It is unapologetic about its mission to provide modest alternatives for stylist Muslim women of colour.

MidKollections 2 MidKollections


Of all the Modest fashion brands, Just Scarfs NG is the newest and most niche. An online store created specifically to solve the problems of fashionable scarves that are of the right length and width and do not accidentally expose the user. The store has become very popular for its interesting selections of scarves and it’s customer service.

Just Scarves Nigerian Modest Fashion

So what are you waiting for, get into them!

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