Guess who is stuck in a style rut

Spoiler alert, it’s you.

No not you Rihanna’s pseudo-prodigy, I’m talking to the one who’s wearing the same shirt she wore a couple of days ago, even though her closet is full of dozens she hasn’t worn in months. You are stuck in a huge style rut but you have probably not noticed it. So here are the signs to let you know when you’ve gotten stuck in a style rut.

  • You now spend fifteen minutes at most shopping, when you used to spend three or four hours.
Is this you now?
Is this you now?
  • You’ve bought the same shirt in every single colour you could find it.
  • You’ve stopped complaining about never having clothes whenever you need to go somewhere.

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  • You’ve been wearing a pair of stud earrings, day in day out with no other form of accessories.
  • You’ve started wearing joggers to the most inappropriate places, like church.
  • You’ve put your hair in braids more than six times, back to back over these last couple of months.
  • You’ve been buying stuff you already own.
Or bought it again
Or bought it again.
  • You have uniforms now. Like the white shirt and black jeans on Mondays, and the red floral dress on Tuesdays and so on.
  • Lastly, new clothes are just not in your budget (but food is?), even though your favourite black jeans have now become your favourite grey jeans.


If you’ve mentally checked more than half of the things on my list, then you are in desperate need of some style revamping. It’s time to switch things up a bit, cut your hair and dye it red for the fun of it, try out styles you’ve never tried out before. That’s the first step out of the deep dark hole that has become your style.

The thing about style ruts is that we don’t notice them when we look in the mirror daily. We only notice them when friends point it out, or you come across posts like this. But if you are now known at work as the lady in the red blazer, it’s time to do something about it.

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