Guys, this is what we think of your beard gang membership

With the relatively new beard gang movement, for most guys after their partners the second love of their lives is their beard. Whether it’s a full beard or two chin hairs, you guys definitely don’t play around when it comes to your beard, but what do your partners think about it? We talked to 8 ladies whose partners are proud members of club #BeardGang.


I made him grow out his beard, so I really can’t complain. I love how it looks on him. He’s the cutest person I know which is only a problem when he shaves his beard, and it looks like I’m dating my younger brother’s friend.


I’ve been married to my husband for two years, and this beard thing has been a source of constant arguments between the both of us. Sometimes I win, and he gets a clean shave but his beard grows back like weeds, and he refuses to shave every morning. It’s the most frustrating thing really.


I hate it! Kissing him feels like I’m making out with a carpet, and not even a nice carpet like maybe one of those made in Aba ones.


I was rather indifferent about it, until he decided to start competing with Bin Laden. There’s was just too much hair around his lips for me to handle. When I told him to take it off, and he put off a fight I refused to shave down there for weeks, it didn’t take time for him to shave it after that.


I think I probably love his beard, more than he does. It’s literally our baby, and I’m always the one on a constant search for the best grooming products he could use for his beard.


I kind of like it sometimes, but I make him trim it down when it starts getting too bushy.


Love love love my baby’s beard, it makes him look so mature and manly. I love that it’s so full and properly connected of course. I’ll have made him shave if his beard didn’t connect.


He doesn’t have really have one jo, he has been deceiving himself with his two chin hairs. I wish he did really, I like how it looks on most men I see. Shey there is no magic beard growth serum yet?

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