Haka Na Tashi: Autumn leaves debuts what is probably Nigeria’s first sleepwear line

At The Other Style we often have long conversations about the Nigerian fashion industry, and how sometimes it can become a circle jerk of recycled ideas and unnecessary praise for terrible execution. We also gripe a lot about the general lack of imagination and innovation that seems to plague our design creatives. So when we find a brand that has done it’s homework and is bringing something entirely new to the table, we are always super excited.
Women’s wear label Autumn Leaves is making its debutante entrance into the industry in a very interesting way; it is bypassing the luxury, premium and ready to wear routes, resisting the urge to label itself ‘couture’ and tackling the criminally underserved sleepwear market. It is even more interesting that the label is owned by Amina Abdul-Hamid, a Northern designer, proving yet again that innovation in Nigerian fashion doesn’t exist exclusively in Lagos.
“The brand celebrates the sweet and softer side of the modern woman, set in a relaxed, sensual and beautiful aesthetic. The collection of sleep and loungewear are designed with high quality silk and cotton fabrics, selected to accentuate femininity and highlight comfort, style and sophistication. The Hausa writings highlights the cultural backdrop against which Autumn Leaves is set.
We believe every woman should be free to feel desirable and appealing with or without an audience.”
 ‘Haka Na Tashi (which roughly translates from Hausa to ‘I woke up like this)’ thankfully is decidedly simple in aesthetic. There are no unnecessary straps, no surplus volume, asymmetry or wonky construction. There is no chance of mistaking this collection for lingerie. And that works in the  label’s favour. Sleepwear should have that ease of being able to be pulled right off the rack and worn without any frou-frou.
We are not quite sure we like that a mix of satin and art silk was used in a number of pieces, partly because it is a synthetic fabric that doesn’t absorb moisture and can make sleeping seriously uncomfortable. Also, some of the vests could have come with some sort of support for the breasts, but for a first collection ‘Haka Na Tashi’ ticks all the right boxes.
It’s quite brilliant really.
Photo Credits:
Image Rights: Autumn Leaves | @Autumnleaves_ng
Photography: Kadara Enyeasi | @enyeasi.k
Model: Bonita Nanfe J. Kefas | @mimzbee
Stylist: Ola Akindeinde | @ola_ae
Makeup Artist: Mild Signatures
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