How to do your makeup in 5 minutes

It has happened to all of us, waking up thirty minutes before we need to be somewhere but you cannot just imagine leaving the house without some level of face beat.

Then there are the days, where you just don’t have the patience to spend anything more than five minutes on your face. Well contrary to popular belief, you can actually get your makeup -well sort of- done in five minutes.

  1. First minute
    Use a little concealer to cover up any parts that may need concealing like acne marks or under eye circles. If you need more than a minute to do this, you are definitely doing something wrong.
  2. Second minute 
    Put on some foundation, to even out your skin tone and concealer.
  3. Third minute 
    Skip filling your brows and use some brow gel to put them in place. Put some eyeliner on your upper eye lid and waterline, skip the winged tip just this once, there’s no time for that.
  4. Fourth minute 
    Put on some mascara, to open up your eyes especially since you skipped the winged liner. Don’t forget to put on some powder too.
  5. Last minute 
    Use your favourite lipstick. On the days you have literally just a minute to get your makeup done, the only thing you need is lipstick. No need to line your lips, you don’t have to be Kylie Jenner everyday. If you absolutely suck at putting on your lipstick or it takes you forever, just go for a tinted lip balm
  6. Go forth and slay.
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