No, getting eczema doesn’t mean you are dirty

While poor hygiene, might actually result in you getting eczema, it is definitely not the only cause and sometimes it has nothing to do with your hygiene. In fact eczema occurs pretty much because your skin is probably too dry and not getting the moisture it needs, and so too many baths might even cause it.

Whatever the cause is, eczema can be pretty annoying especially when it gets itchy. If you’ve been struggling with eczema, you should try these methods to get rid of it.

  1. Coconut oil
    I’m not a fan of coconut oil, but it actually works wonders on eczema. It doesn’t work overnight so you’ll need to be patient. Also if your eczema is mostly on your face, you should probably try something else. Coconut oil clogs your pores and causes you to breakout.
  2. Vaseline
    I’m not sure what they put in Vaseline that makes it so magical but there is pretty much no problem it cannot solve -heartbreaks included. Vaseline is a pretty intense moisturiser for your skin, and this helps get rid of your eczema.
  3. Moisturise regularly
    The fact that the weather is so hot, and you are sweating so much doesn’t mean your skin is getting the proper level of moisturising it needs. So slather on the moisturiser after every bath, and if your moisturiser causes you to sweat more than usual, then switch to a lighter one.
  4. If you have severe acne, you might want to visit a dermatologist -yes we have those in Lagos-, to recommend a suitable treatment. Some dermatologists prescribe corticosteroid treatments, but it’s not advisable to start such treatments without proper direction from someone whose job it is to do just that. Seriously there are a ton of side effects, you could suffer from.
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