How to wear : 5 ways to rock culottes for men

From the runway looks at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2015, it is obvious culottes have become a huge menswear trend.

We at The Other Style love culottes. We love their length, their versatility, the fact that they are a menswear trend not a reinvention of the skinny jeans. We know getting into a trend like culottes might be a little difficult so we’ve created this little guide to Culottes.

First a little history.

Culottes, believe it or not, started very differently from how we know them today. They were originally created in the late 1600’s as part of the male nobility’s official dress. Back then culottes were skinny capri style pants worn over leggings. Eventually women began to wear them as semi-undergarments and then the term culottes was given to wide skirts worn by women as slit at the middle so the women could ride horses. That iteration of culottes is what has survived to this day. Now that culottes are back on the men’s turf, here are a few ways you can style your new purchase.


Since you’re wearing culottes, we can agree you are fashion forward. Why not take it up a notch by opting for layered culottes? Layering gives your pants extra detailing, making them more visually arresting and less like oversized pants. These pair of U-Mi-1 layered culottes with sheer detailing at the base is perfect to elevate any look. Wear with a lean dress shirt to even out your length or wear with an oversized jacket if you want to push the casual intellectual vibe.



Colour blocking is a trend that has been around for a few years and has simply refused to die. If you can’t beat them, join them by wearing culottes colour blocked in neutrals so they are interesting but not crossing the line into trashy. International brand Peir Wu is a master of androgynous clothing and one of their signature looks are colour  blocked culottes much like this one. Wear with an oversized kaftan for business casual air or wear with a tan jacket and tights for that urban intellectual vibe.



Slits are another womenswear staple design that menswear designers are experimenting with and culottes, with their extra volume, are perfect to test out if this trend is for you. You can try out this Kenneth Ize slit and layered culotte from his new collection, paired with sandals and an slouchy sweater for that runway model off duty appeal.

Kenneth Ize SS16


Volume and colour are a great way to wear culottes, to parties or festivals or any other social gathering that requires you to draw attention without necessarily becoming the butt of everyone’s jokes. If you’re wearing a brightly coloured pair of culottes you should opt for slimmer designs like this Orange Culture pair in oxblood paired with a wrap tunic and a fancy hat and you’re red carpet ready.



Forget McHammer, drop crotch gets a make over with the culotte treatment. Edgier to pull of than most of the other looks, the drop crotch culotte requires a certain savvy to wear. Pairing with trench and white shirt is the best way to go, or a black shirt if you’re adventurous. But the trick with a drop crotch pair of culottes like this Marvie Lab one, is to always scale down the colour and let the cut do all the talking.

marvie lab


All pieces can be shopped at Stranger Lagos.

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