How to wear glasses even when you hate them

Every child who grew up wearing glasses, fell for the scam that they were supposed to be corrective, and if we were good and wore it all the time we wouldn’t be needing them in a couple of years. Well we are adults now and have come to realize we are stuck with having to wear glasses for the rest of our lives. So what do you do, when you need to wear glasses but absolutely hate them.

  1. Don’t wear them. God bless who ever invented contact lenses. The best kind of contacts for people who plan to use them regularly are breathable ones as they are way less irritating. Also as tempting as it is to want to be blue eyed for whatever reason, clear contacts are not as irritating as coloured ones.
  2. Find frames that you love. There are all sorts of attractive options for glasses frames out there. From cat eye shapes to round Harry Potter ones. Take your time to look for the perfect one, that you won’t end up hating a couple of weeks later.
  3. Have options. Waking up, and having to wear the same pair of glasses everyday gets boring, and is bound to make you hate it. Get two, three or more pairs in different colours and shapes.
    24 black and white vector icons highly detailed glasses
    24 black and white vector icons highly detailed glasses
  4. Fix it. If you are really truly done with it all, both glasses and contact lenses, there is now a corrective laser surgery to fix it. While it’s relatively safe, it’s also pretty expensive so you might need to break out your kolos.
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