Shopping for clothes in Ghana? Let’s help you go ethical

At The Other Style, we have repeatedly spoken about our commitment to ethical fashion and the dangers fast fashion poses to legitimate designers, plus the need to vote with our money when it comes to fashion. But we are also about practicing what we preach and helping you do the same. Ghana has become a huge destination location for tourists across Africa.

YEVU Clothing

We have spoken quite a bit about YEVU Clothing in the past week. We talked about the label’s history and its attempts towards sustainability here and debuted its lookbook here. To summarize all of that, if you’re look to go green, YEVU is the best place to start.

Osei Duro


Buds are on the trees, and the first spring delivery ships soon… #itsintheair

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Ghanaian super label Osei Duro works out of Carlifornia in the USA but with a home base in Accra. They are one of the first Ghanaian brands to put a  modern spin on traditional Ghanaian techniques like Nwentoma weaving and hand dyeing, all part of their business strategy to build a business that celebrates Ghanaian artisans and sustains their livelihoods. Known for its explorations into crotchet work and its most recent collaboration with international sportswear giant, LuluLemon, Osei Duro is one brand you definitely want to have in your wardrobe.

SS16 Accra Romper. Production is underway, which means spring is coming… 🌷

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Global Mamas

Just like its name suggests, Global Mamas is a global non-profit initiative that pools the knowledge, experience and resources of thousands of volunteers across the world to help African women and their families gain financial independence. Since it was created in 2003, Global Mamas has helped over 600 women in 7 countries improve their manufacturing process and provide retail opportunities for them. Based in Ghana, the non-profit isn’t just content with helping these women become self sufficient, it also wants to create connections between producer and final counsumer through its website or physical meetings.

Their primary products are Shea butter derived skincare prducts, Hand batiked fabric used for dresses and homeware, glass bead jewellery and accessories created from recycled plastic. All handcrafted. To find out more about them go here, or watch this.

Aaks Accessories

Started by Akosua Afriye-Kumi, Aaks accessories is a Ghanaian accessories label that creates handcrafted bags and purses in vibrant colours. Distinguished by the fact that the entire process of manufacturing is done in Ghana by Ghanaian women using locally sourced dyes and materials (Raffia), Afriyie-Kumi wants to create sustainable jobs while enabling these women pass down these centuries old weaving techniques to a new generation of Ghanaians.

Though only two years old, Afriye-Kumi’s Aaks has become a runaway success, gaining international acclaim and retail deals in the US and France. But Kumi continues to personally invest herself in the process of the creation of the bags.


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