It’s not a myth, Aspirin can really clear up your skin

In almost every review I do of a facial beauty product, I’m usually always whining about how the product caused my skin to breakout. The truth is almost anything causes my skin to break out, hell, just having a chocolate bar before bed could cause me to wake up with pimples the size of Jupiter on my face.

As a result, I’m always looking for quick and cheap tricks to get rid of my acne, especially when I have a big day coming up. I finally decided to try out this aspirin mask hack I had been hearing about two days before a date. I had just gotten off my period and as a result my face was a mess and was refusing to clear up.

I had read about the aspirin mask on one of those DIY pages on Pinterest, but everyone knows half of Pinterest DIYs are potentially life threatening, so I ignored it. But two days before the date, my face looked like this every time I put on makeup, and so I was desperate for a quick solution.

I ground up about 6 aspirin pills and made a paste out of it with water. I put the paste on for about twenty minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. I had read that I was supposed to live on the paste over night, but I didn’t have the balls to, so I put the paste on for twenty minutes twice a day. By the end of the second day most of my acne had dried up, and I didn’t look like a rocky road candy bar anytime I put my foundation on anymore.




If you have very sensitive skin, I wouldn’t recommend this mask for you. It’s awfully drying and feel a little harsh on your skin, but it’s terribly effective.

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