Video: Lisa Folawiyo clears the air on that pesky ‘rebrand’

Mega babe, premium designer and easily one of the most stylish women in Nigeria, Lisa Folawiyo has managed separate her work and life as a designer and a celebrity (she was nominated for the Business Of Fashion’s 500 most influential people in fashion; big deal) with her private life.

Last year during the Folawiyo’s brand ‘Jewel by Lisa’ presentation at the 2015 Spring Summer New York Fashion, rumours began to fly that Folawiyo’s label was undergoing a rebrand into Lisa Folawiyo. It sort of made sense in the light of fellow veteran Deola Ade-Ojo, changing her brand from Deola Sagoe to House of Deola (for very different reasons).

While Folawiyo has tried to change this misconception, it has somehow stayed in our collective memories a pesky rumor. We were delighted then to find she’d sat down with Pulse TV’s One on One to discuss how she balances work with home life, the curious case of the branding fiasco and everything else we’d always wanted to know about the charismatic but mysterious designer, it was quite the education.

Here’s the video.

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