Modest Market Place is holding a shopping party

Not every one is willing or ready to indulge in some of the more adventurous fashion that we are current awash with. Whether for religious or personal reasons, some people just prefer to dress fashionably but with serious consideration for modesty. Because by and large, fashion lives on the edge, this select community has been largely ignored, especially here in Nigeria.

Things are changing though, the 2015 Lagos Fashion and Design Week had it’s first modest collection and Modest Market PAlace was created.


Created to meet the needs of stylish Muslim women in Lagos who are hard pressed to find places that sell fashionable modest wear like hijabs and abayas, the Modest Market Place serves all people who want to dial it back a bit. Modest Market Place offers clothes, accessories and other items and baubles and happens once every month.

With clothes from Rara Bukar, Mutmosphere and Marti Lounge, this month’s party is bound to be lit. Check it out guys, on the 24th of April 2016.

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