My oga at the top, Ama kip kip and 4 other popular t-Shirts that were really not so bad

Every single year, a t-shirt with a hilarious or weird slogan takes over the streets and everybody- from your gate man to your uptight boss- joins in on the action. Nobody who takes their style and reputation remotely serious would be caught dead in these t-shirts we would say, only to see some of the smartest people we know rocking them shamelessly.

Looking back, asides from the ubiquity, we can now concede that those tees were actually not that bad.

Here are a couple. The best of the worst.

  • My money grows like grass
  • Why always me?
  • Alobam
  • Ama kip kip


  • womens-superman-tshirt-logo
  • My oga at the top
  • ogaoga

What will the new year bring? We Shudder.

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