Pads vs Tampons: We settle the age long debate

One morning last month, I woke up in a bloody mess, and I decided I was finally done with pads.

It was time to attack my period from the source, plug up the dam and finally put an end to the constant leaks. I had used tampons in the past but only occasionally, like when I was going swimming, and never for a whole day, I just couldn’t get over the feeling of walking around with something shoved up my vagina for hours on end.

Anyway so last month, I decided to commit to tampons for the whole length of my period and finally discover which works better.


I have a friend who has been a life-long advocate for tampons and she recommend one for me, supposedly the best for super heavy flows. To be honest I got used to having the tampons wedged up there by the end of the first day, and it felt good to be able to sleep on my back for a change, wake up with no leaks and I was super stoked.

I had finally found the answer to my prayers.
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On the second day, I was at a friend’s office, when I felt some wetness on my underwear. I couldn’t believe it, the trusty old tampon, defender of all women against period leaks had failed me. Luckily for me I had formed a habit of carrying pads in my bag, and I just happened to be wearing black. I switched back to good ol’ Always, and I don’t think I’ll be switching back to tampons anytime soon. For those who are thinking, ”oh they both leak, what’s the difference between the two?”, let me list all the reasons pads are better than tampons.

First of all, you don’t have to wedge a pad up your vagina like a tampon, which hurts sometimes by the way, especially when your vagina isn’t lubricated. Secondly you know immediately when your pad is full, and when you need to change it, with tampons you can’t tell when it’s full until it starts leaking.

You know what else sucks about tampons? Changing it is a little gross, especially when you are in an uncomfortable place and you have to go fishing for the string when your vagina decides to swallow it, unlike with pads, where you just peek off, wrap and dump. Oh and did you guys know? you could also suffer from something called “Toxic Shock Syndrome” -which is deadly by the way- when your tampon has been in too long.

Ok it's really rare though
Ok it’s really rare though.

So which do you guys think is better?

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