Spring goes street with Rogue Inc’s Spring 16 ‘Urban Series’

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Fast rising Nigerian fashion label, Rogue Inc recently unveiled its spring/summer 2016 collection tagged ‘The Rogue Man – Urban Series’. The creative director behind the brand, Sadiq Adams draws inspiration from many subcultures including the biker culture, athleisure trends and a splash of anti-establishment goth to create his signature aesthetic.

Adams is primarily concerned with providing a easy to wear brand that provides clothing for the casual man disinterested with trends, a man who seeks only to find good durable pieces that fit into a wardrobe of staples. Adams describes the motivations behind the collections as thus:

It represents the brand’s community ‘rogue nation’ and what it stands for which is to be limitless; going beyond your limits to actualise your dreams. The outright use of black and gold is a representation of the brand, black and gold being our trademark colours

For an athleisure heavy brand, Rogue Inc ticks many of our boxes, their choice of gold accents on black works quite well to their advantage.

There is obviously no reinventing the wheel with this collection and there is nothing that you’d be hard pressed to find in the collection that you won’t find anywhere else. But Rogue Inc does a great job of branding the clothes and accessories.

Thing is, a designer only gets to pull this kind of stunt once. For their next collection, Rogue will have to come out the base swinging.

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Photography: @footprintvisuals

Styling and Direction: @5adic

Model: Uche Jones

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