Short horror story: Why you should never get a facial

My header should read why you should never get a facial in this particular spa around Ikeja GRA, whose name I won’t mention for fear of a lawsuit, but I’ll share my horror story with you guys.

So I got a coupon from Deal Dey for a special deal at the spa, which included facials, a full body massage and a manicure or pedicure, at a price I now realize was way too good to be true. I convinced my friend to get a coupon also, so I won’t have to go alone and we scheduled the next available appointment.

We get there right on time and were kept waiting for two hours because someone had somehow mixed up our appointment with another customer’s. After two hours we were asked to come through from the reception to the spa proper. We were told we would start with the facials before proceeding to the massage, and finally our manis and pedis.

Before starting the facial, I asked the esthetician -if I can even call her that-, what products she would be using on our faces, and she informed me she was using products made by the spa’s beauty specialists. Warning bells went off in my head when she told me this, but I went on with the facials anyway.


I wasn’t half way through the facial, when my face began to sting like crazy. I tried to ignore it at first, but it just kept getting worse. I started panicking and told her to stop whatever she was doing, then I washed off the mask she had been in the process of putting on my face. Couple of minutes after getting it off, my whole face broke out in angry red hives which somehow extended some way down my neck too. I grabbed my friend immediately and fled the supposed spa. It took a couple of days for the hives to clear, and I ended up breaking out afterwards.

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