Stop shaping up your brows with a razor. Now

It’s funny how we pretty much take our brows for granted when we are not filling them in, until we cause so much damage to them we cannot actually step out of the house without filling them in. Some people go as far as shaving it all of, when they notice that the damage done is extensive and almost even irreparable.

But the damage can be avoided in the first place, and is never completely irreparable.

The first step is to stop shaping up your brows with a razor. We know it’s faster, cheaper and more convenient than other methods, sort of like hookers but hookers are never good for anyone in the long run. Using a razor causes little cuts and nicks that could get infected and lead to permanent scarring over time. Also unlike with shaving your legs and pits where shaving in one direction, helps to avoid ingrown hairs, in order to get perfectly shaped brows, the razor moves in several varying directions. The result is ingrown hairs, irregular and uneven growth, in that region.

So instead of using a razor you could either wax, tweeze or thread. These are more stressful, and time consuming but the results will ensure, that you don’t need to use the razor every-time you are in need of a shape up.

Since we are already talking about eyebrows, I had better tell you guys about what a waste using eyebrow stencils is. Eyebrow stencils give you a too sharp, not quite natural look so that it looks like you constructed your eyebrows instead of just filling them in.


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