Are you taking care of your hair under the weaves?

After buying weaves, we invest so much time and money into taking care of them. Which is understandable because they don’t come cheap. And these days we’ve actually begun to learn to invest as much time and money into taking care of our own natural hair. The only problem is that we completely forget to care for our natural hair the minute we put a weave in.

Taking care of our natural hair under the weaves is very important. A lot of people leave sew-ins in for weeks because they are supposed to function as a protective hairstyle and then expect to see some magical amount of new hair growth, after completely neglecting it the whole period. So here are the things you shouldn’t forget to do to your natural hair whenever you put a weave in.

  1. Oil your scalp. Not wanting to get product on your weave isn’t an excuse not to. Use a bottle with a nozzle tip to get the product directly to your scalp.
  2. Wash and condition your hair as often as you would, if you had no weave on. Your weave will definitely survive frequent washing except it’s synthetic.
  3. Don’t leave the weave in long enough for your own natural hair to become one with it.  Once you’ve gone from lightly tapping at your head to relieve the itch, to banging it with Orogun, take it out.
  4. Having a sew-in shouldn’t stop you from deep conditioning your hair. Once again you could use a bottle with a nozzle tip, to get in any product you want.
  5. The two main options for putting in weaves are sew-ins, and bonding. Never (ever) opt for bonding. Even though it’s not as common as it used to be, a lot of people still go for it. No matter how careful your hairstylist promises you she would be, taking out a weave that was bonded will ruin your own natural hair.
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