4 shopping tips for men above 6ft

Tall men get all the love from everyone, well except short men and a lot of times even fashion. Shopping when you are tall and slim can be especially hard. Trousers made in your size, either fit your waist perfectly and ended up being a little too short, while those that are perfect lengthwise end up being a little too large at the waist. When buying any clothes at all, you are often faced with similar problems like with your trousers, but we are pretty sure these tips will make your next shopping trip easier.

  1. Buy brands that accommodate specifically to tall men’s needs. Brands like Levi and Gap have been found to do this.
  2. Get a really good tailor. Not all tailors, no how to sew specifically for tall people.
  3. If it doesn’t fit properly, don’t buy it. It’s very easy to get frustrated and settle for clothes you know don’t fit properly, when shopping for yourself, because it often feels like clothing brands are conspiring to work against you, so be patient.
  4. Some clothing brands like Ralph Lauren, offer an option for custom-fit shirts, so guys with a slimmer build can get shirt sizes that would usually be too large, but have the perfect sleeve lengths in their size.
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