Style Standard: Gabriel Akinosho’s definitive guide to upping your style game

A perfect gentleman is defined by his politeness, charisma and a lot more other things including his sense of style. Of the throng of mens style bloggers that daily offer style inspiration on Instagram, we found one who embodies the description of the perfect gentleman.

Gabriel Akinosho is the mens style blogger that gets others in the craft on their toes. And by others, we mean the women too. With a sense of style that screams masculinity so loud its deafening, Akinosho has slayed his way into our hearts.

The London-based blogger is the Creative Director at Albert Clothing and one-third of the uber stylish Akinosho trio. From clean cut suits to long line jackets to the choicest of shoes and accessories, Gabriel Akinosho is the man we aspire to be, apropos style.



We’re still taking notes…

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