The beauty blender might just be the greatest beauty item ever made

I should probably start off this post informing you guys that I’m not a MUA or makeup expert, but anyone who has struggled with makeup application like me before discovering the beauty blender can testify to its glory.

For those who don’t know, even though many people refer to beauty sponges as “beauty blender”, it’s actually a brand name and I am referring to the beauty sponges made by them in this post.

Since I started using a beauty blender, I do not understand how I went so long without it. My concealer and foundation apply and blend like a dream with it, and it even helped products that usually looked so so when I applied them with a brush look like magic. I found that getting it a little damp before using, also helps with application.

I just didn’t believe that a little pink sponge would make any difference with my makeup. Even though I saw the magic it worked for beauty bloggers, I figured that bloggers make everything look easier than it actually is.

Major key alert. Don’t get a dupe when buying your beauty blender, get a good one even though it might be pricier but you’ll never go back.

One problem with the beauty blender though is that you will end up using a little more product than you would have used with a brush or your fingers but to me that’s worth the smooth flawless look it gives your makeup. Cleaning can also be a chore, as you need to do it regularly but that’s good for you in the long run anyway.


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