The Perfect Gentleman: How To Make Love To A Woman (II) – The Female Edition

The art of love-making is a two-way affair, so dear ladies, kindly participate.

I’ve met quite a few women over the course of my sexual career and I’ve had immense experience in the art of sexual intercourse.

So yeah, I’m an authority in this department!

Ladies, don’t just lie still like a statue, don’t be timid, expectant and always receiving when sexual intercourse is ongoing.

Get involved in the rumble and let loose your sexual animal and only then will it be mutually satisfying.

How do you achieve this? Follow your instincts and let go of your inhibition.

Inhibitions and restraint are just a couple of the factors that prevents women from getting the best out of / and giving the best during the act of copulation.

Be free, be loose, be subtly wild, and be open to the thrills and joys of love-making.

Are you now free of your inhibitions? Let’s begin.

Ladies, some men are oblivious to the importance of foreplay, hence you have to be willing to teach, guide and lead the way.

Some men simply want to have sex, ejaculate and move on with their lives, but the onus is on the female gender to make sure the foreplay occurs to stimulate the vagina and create heightened yearn.

So while he’s nibbling on your neck and fondling your tender spots in an attempt to get you to wet land, rummage your right hand through his head and slide your left hand down to his King Sebastian region and give it a good stroke.

Men do not have many tender spots so it’s very important to get it right when you are working on them.

While almost every part of a woman can turn out to be tender, for the men, there are 4 major spots- the ears, neck, penis and for some, the nipples.


So while you reach for King Sebastian down below for the stroke-routine, start with a gentle back-and-forth straddle.

Do this for a minimum of 5 minutes, then reciprocate the gesture, by reaching for his ear lobes with your lips and suck it into your mouth… then let it go.

Continue this ear-nibbling and King Sebastian-straddling action while he’s working your neck, fondling your nipples and massaging your vagina area.

At this point where the give and take process is at a high, it’s vital to let your emotions loose. It is extremely important to moan, squeal, and gasp as your body dictates.

Don’t hold back anything, don’t allow the inhibitions creep in at this point, else the momentum may waiver and optimum intensity may not be achieved.

Forget what you’ve watched in pornography flicks, a lot of stimulation is done behind the scenes before the actual penetration and intercourse begins.

Once you get to the point of peak intensity and your lover’s King Sebastian is as hard as it can get, (if it’s your thing) go down on your knees and give the penis a passionate blow-job. (Don’t give head for the sake of giving. Give it because you want to. Give it just the exact way you’re feeling).

Don’t overdo the blow job. Spend about 4 minutes on it while you build your mutual yearn and once this is achieved, you needn’t be told what to do next.

But if you must be told- lead King Sebastian down to your vagina and remember you’re partly in charge, so you’re allowed to dictate your lover’s thrusts and motions.

Like you’ve often read, all sexual positions mostly get the job done, so be sure to switch up your styles as you deem fit and get enough of the good old, thick, fertile King Sebastian.

Beneath the skirts, between the sheets, every woman is a freak.

Enjoy sex.

Kolapo Olapoju

Kolapo Olapoju is the editor of He is a creative writer, poet and entrepreneur. He develops content for web, print and TV. His works have been published in Glam & Essence magazine, YNaija, Nigerian Entertainment today (NET), Tuck Magazine and many others. His poetry has been published on and in anthologies like ‘Upcoming Voices’ by Society of Young Nigerian writers and ’2014 Annual Poets Showcase’ by Poetry First Publishing. He tweets from @hardrockyng


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