The Perfect Gentleman: The Karma Of Love And My Impaired Reflections

Smitten you, Stoic me
You moved fast, I stood glued
Still and Passive

Hardened by my pride
detached but committed
I’m snail, she’s cheetah

Eventually, I’ll awake
Lofty hope she carried
scary wish I pursued

Indecisive about love, but certainly in love

Alas, I did rise
But her wait had lapsed
The cheetah had lost its limbs

Indifferent to my plight
she charted a new course
the tide favor me not
Aloof, i think out loud
I used to be here

Now,the scales have tipped
But brown, I’m ready now
Yet, your ego fails me

As I stood at the river bank, mourning the lost love, my gaze drifted to the water and my reflection stared back at me.
I become still- unsure of what I feel about what I see- but still, my reflection stares me down as my heart burned out.
And this is what I saw:

I am the enigma the world has failed to understand
I am a mystery beyond my own comprehension
I stood toe to toe with the agents of disdain,
and smiled.

I perpetually root for the underdog.
I dwell in the underground, unconventional, genre.
I’m fascinated by villians.

My heart is lost on an island in Fiji,
I’m saving up miles to re-unite with her.

I’m not one for conventions, but I adjust, 
I try.
Compromise has always been an option.
I abhor cliches but I live with them.
I’ve never been content with mediocre,
But the earth somehow expects,ordinary,
to suffice.

I always seem to be at odds with the elements,
my supposed wingman.
Money, the fuel of existence,
I desire above others

But love- the essence of being
I contend with, everyday.

In a nutshell,
there goes my reflections.
Rather, some of it.

Kolapo Olapoju

Kolapo Olapoju is the editor of He is a creative writer, poet and entrepreneur. He develops content for web, print and TV. His works have been published in Glam & Essence magazine, YNaija, Nigerian Entertainment today (NET), Tuck Magazine and many others. His poetry has been published on and in anthologies like ‘Upcoming Voices’ by Society of Young Nigerian writers and ’2014 Annual Poets Showcase’ by Poetry First Publishing. He tweets from @hardrockyng


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